Getting Intentional: Embracing Danger

Intentional Warriors

Journey Out Of Captivity

As a pornography addict, i had to embrace Danger in order to take the journey out of captivity. The Danger was being brutally honest with my wife about what i had been doing the first nine years of our marriage. The healing of my heart required me to walk a Dangerous road and there was no guarantee that things would all work out along the way.

i struggled to be fully honest. It was physically painful to tell her my sordid past. But secrets need to be exposed.

As Proverbs says:

He who conceals his sins does not proper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. (28:13)

Through the years i had done some confession, although what i shared in so-called accountability groups was never the whole story.  But i had never renounced anything.

i was being forced to renounce my previous life. In the…

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