Some people really are that hostile.

Psychopath Resistance

“These people are at war with you. Don’t ever tell them your secrets or your insecurities. They will just use it against you to inflict more pain. It’s a harsh reality to accept, but some people really are that hostile towards the world that they really are out to emotionally hurt everyone and anyone. The people they are closest to are just their easiest victims.”

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If I Had Known This One Thing, I Would Have Divorced Differently

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

When I first hired my attorney, I was pursuing a divorce through publication (not that I even knew what that was until I was left with a text message and a husband that then disappeared). At that time, mere days after the tsunami, I had no idea what happened and no evidence other than the empty accounts and maxed-out credit. My only option at that juncture was to seek a “no fault” divorce.

And then I found the email. And discovered the affair. And the bigamy.

I learned where he was and contacted the police to report the dual marriage.

Even though that first email, which indicated that band hired for his wedding had not yet been paid, sent me through a dark tortuous path that seemed to birth more questions than answers, I not regret the search for information. The drive for information was too strong. The need for some…

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Sense of Self


I am learning a new sense of self. I find myself focusing on just me. Whereas before, I would have been looking, seeing who’s there, who’s there to see me. It’s as if before, I needed other people to see me to know I existed, to give me validation in the world. However, after a while, just seeing me wasn’t enough validation. I then needed someone to smile at me, to talk to me, to buy me a drink, to sleep with me to provide validation. Along the way, I lost myself. It may take some hard work, but I want to truly find myself and that be validation enough. To know that I exist, me, as I am. No need for validation outside of me.

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Biggest Mistakes Betrayed Spouses Make Recovering From an Affair

Affair Resources and Advice

ooopsThis blog entry is on mistakes that Betrayed Spouses routinely make during marital recovery.  Blunders and errors of judgment that make it unlikely that a marriage will not only survive an affair..  I wrote it after reading blog after blog by Betrayed Spouses who seem to be doing all in their power to sabotage marital recovery and don’t realize it.   From my reading, thought and research, I came up with what I think are 21 things to avoid if you want your marriage to survive and thrive after an affair. 

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Believe and Trust… you?

Find Real Love

Yesterday I was thinking about the way life can take you by the hand to guide you to your destination. Conditions to do that are to me: Believe and Trust (as verbs) When we walk our path of life, we can put Fear in the place of Trust which will block our Belief. Instead of feeling peaceful and comfortable with whatever happens in our life (knowing we will arrive there where we really want to be because we could also Believe and Trust), we do Fear and Unhappiness and prefer “Control” which is as impossible as letting a blind man see. Control is fried air, it does not exist, it’s an illusion. We do not control Anything….we can Believe we do, but Life can take us in a second from that illusion by something unexpected that can blow everything away we like to call “Control”. On this road of…

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