Smoking, Why can’t they make it harmless!


It’s not surprising for an ex-smoker to be interested in this subject; albeit, it’s now approximately my 7th time of giving up..  Over the years, It’s often crossed my mind because, quite simply it wasn’t very hard for non-alcoholic beverages to ‘hit the market’ as soon as alcohol problems became more notable, or I should say ‘noted’ as it would always have been a problem. There’s been much to say about marijuana even having ‘less damage’ to a persons lungs and overall ‘health‘.  If you live in Australia, you’ll also remember an advertisement that used to be on Television (I found it a bit ridiculous though..) as it depicted a ‘chemical, conical flask’ of sorts, eerily oozing vaporous smoke.. while it described all sorts of ‘chemicals’ that your lungs are absorbing etc. Now pardon me; but most of those chemicals are added or absorbed when the tobacco is grown…

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