This is a good read even if it’s 2 year’s old from the Betrayed Wive’s Club

How To Not Hate My Husband

I do think like her in a sense of I don’t think my marriage will be better and I wonder if I will eat my words..

Especially going on year 3 coming April that is assuming we get that far..

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Des Gifs pour le plaisir Page 76

GIFS Gratuits PJC

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Des centaines de Gifs animés trouvés sur les sites mentionnés plus bas, les propriétaires de ces Gifs peuvent se faire connaitre afin que je les cite ou que j”enlève leur gif si ils le désirent.

Sur Google+patrizia orchidea,Raul FALCON FALCON,ciel bleu,zorha b,Michel THUNDER,valerie 06,piotr Salvaje,coeur de loup ange,Marçal amador de almeida,Angela Capri,Khatchig Tchaghasbanian,Serge Lhote,박경자,Maria Graciela Samaniego,Aya Bendani,Ileana Sabou,Amazing Puls+,

Sur Tumblriheartedm,animalcareblog,theactualuniverse,worldfamousdjs,creaturesalive,jimmyfungus,notyourlittleslave,tam1stan,


Bien d’autres Gifs magnifiques à découvrir sur ces sites.

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Spin, Projection, and Blame Shifting

Psychopath Resistance

They Spin our Reality  

The Projectionist The Projectionist by Eric Fan

Disordered people can’t deal with the reality of their behaviors. On some level they may realize how hurtful they are, yet they are unable to accept any kind of major flaw in themselves. So disordered abusers spin our reality to protect their delusions.

Projection, a commonly used defense mechanism, serves that purpose. In projection, a characteristic of themselves that they find unacceptable is projected onto us. The most frequently projected characteristic is mental illness or disorder. “I’m not a sociopath. You’re the [crazy, irrational, mentally disturbed, narcissistic, etc.] one.”

Another common defense mechanism is blame shifting. “It’s your fault this happened because [fill in the blank].” Their rationalizations can be elaborate and far-fetched but their convictions are firm. Attempting to disprove them will get you nowhere, or worse, confirm your guilt in their eyes. Bystanders, who cannot fathom that someone they like and respect would deviously…

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Why is it so hard to hold abusive people accountable for their actions?

Psychopath Resistance

Why is it so hard to hold abusive
accountable for their actions?


Because they are either in denial, or they simply deny.

Abusers regularly deny the abuse ever took place, rationalize their abusive behaviors, or use tactics to cover themselves—and each other.

Sociopaths are skilled deniers. Where the rest of us would stutter or blush, they can lie with a convincing confidence and certainty. Often, they pose as authorities and act “offended” if questioned. An arrogant manner indicates a lifetime of “successful” manipulations and contempt for other people, who they regard as inferior.


State of Denial

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