One Life to Live, Day 29

Becoming His Eve

When I go to Taco Bell, my favorite thing to do isn’t to order Frito burritos or taco supremes off the menu. My favorite thing to do is to pick up the sauce packets and read the sayings. Some of them are silly and some of them have some genuine advice. In early spring, I found this packet:

Day 29

Do it with passion or not at all. You only have one life to live on this earth. Yes, we live eternally and we’ll live on with Jesus in the next life. But you only have one opportunity to make a difference in this world.

What kind of legacy do you and your husband want to leave? What do you want to be remembered for? I don’t know about you but I want to live a life knowing that I’ve loved deeply and with abandon for my husband, I’ve cared deeply for…

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