Keeping Cool When Someone Lies to Your Face

Anger Remixed

judge judy

Why do I love Judge Judy with all my person? Because she gets the same crazy look on her face that I do when someone lies. [Not to mention her popularity and likability are because she’s an Angry Woman (or at least that’s how she portrays herself on the show).]

I can’t think of anything that infuriates me more than being lied to. I mean, why lie? A cheap thrill? A quick escape? An intentional trespass? (I’m feeling angry just thinking about it, Ha ha!). Whatever it is, I’m not exactly sure. But since I know this is a personal Anger Trigger for me, I work very hard to hold it together and not go all “Judge Judy” on someone who I discover has lied to me.

At the moment I realize I’m being lied to, I begin focused lamaze breathing exercises so that I don’t give birth to Rosemary’s Baby. Then, I calmly…

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