Sociopath And Privacy


Privacy online

Sociopaths and Narcissist are experts at hiding their true identities.  And because they are in a constant state of perpetual motion of keeping the ‘supply source’ going, they take advantage of every available avenue.

Some of these people will have online dating sites, other’s become involved with one (or more) people at work, still other’s can be out in any type of social setting to meet their next victim.  And there are other’s that use social media, ie: Facebook, SnapChat etc. The supply source is endless for people with  Antisocial Personality Disorder’s.

Since a sociopath  will have one or more of the above, there is a great need for privacy. So as to make sure we do not suspect, that they do in fact have one or more victim’s, they will go to great length’s to keep us in the dark. They will change their password’s constantly. Their cell phone…

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