Dear Kim – Why is My Narcissistic Ex so Mean to Me Now That He’s Found New Supply?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


They really are all the same, huh?

Meet the “Emotionally Immature, Socially-Challenged Narcissist”.  This is typically the Narcissist who never made anything of themselves and has spent their entire life living off of other people.

Narcissists are juvenile, compulsive, and never matured emotionally.  A particular part of their brain never developed the ability to relate to others as whole people.  In fact, to the Narcissist, all of their partners are one and the same.  The only exception is the new supply who is being love-bombed.

In regards to being treated badly once the Narcissist discards you (and after securing new supply), it’s important to look beyond surface facades and remember what you’re dealing with.  The Narcissist isn’t treating you badly because you deserve it in any way.  They are simply using you as an outlet for their juvenile tantrums because they cannot do that with the new supply.

Think of the…

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