How to Win and Be Powerful Against the Narcissist

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

If you’ve tried going No Contact or have undergone numerous cycles of being discarded by your toxic partner, then you’ve likely experienced this scenario:

You’ve made it through four days of No Contact and are feeling pretty good about yourself and the future.  For that reason, you’ve planned an outing with a friend with whom you’ve rekindled your relationship after a long stint of isolation forced upon you by the narcissist. 

You’re picking out your outfit when your cell phone vibrates.  You look at the incoming message.  It’s from the Narc:

Our anniversary (of your wedding/first date/first intimacy/etc.) is next week.  I’m planning something special for us 🙂

You feel slightly nauseated as you realize the Narc isn’t giving up so easily.  You decide to ignore the text and continue getting ready for the evening. 

Later at dinner, you’re laughing it up and talking about old times with your long-lost pal…

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