Dumped by a Narcissist- Idealization, Devaluation & Discarding

Phoenix Rising

English: Broken heart sewn back together

After experiencing betrayal by a narcissistic sociopath/psychopath and starting this blog, the first useful website I found on the subject was  ‘Cheating and Narcissism Support’ by a European woman, Maria: http://www.cheating-infidelity.com/.

Maria’s website is extensive. A survivor of a narcissistic betrayer, Maria has arranged her site into the following sections; Recovery After Cheating and Narcissism, Narcissism, Cheating and Infidelity, Emotions and the Brain, Discussion Forum- Surviving Cheating and Narcissism, Stories- Narcissism, Stories- Cheating, and Blog- Cheating, Narcissism, Brain and Mind.

At ‘Cheating and Narcissism Support’, I read about the three phases of being loved by a narcissist. Theses phases so succinctly summed up what I had been through in two and a half years that reading about them felt like having the breath knocked out of me.

1. First, is the Idealization Phase. (I call this the ‘Pedestal’ phase.) The narcissist puts you on a pedestal. Not…

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