The Narcissist’s world is a unique world or their personal ‘playground’ designed JUST FOR THEM by them AND they are in charge like the playground bully that makes everyone conform to their needs and play along OR ELSE!

After Narcissistic Abuse

From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @

A Narcissist acquires and seeks out supply because of the huge void that exists within them that requires constant excitement, chaos, and drama or whatever brings them attention (good or bad)! Their world is ONLY comprised of external stimulation to meet all of their needs. The excitement and drama generated must be truly unique, ground breaking, breathtaking, overwhelming, unprecedented, and, under no circumstances, boring or routine to the Narcissist. Without internalized emotions or bonding with other people they have to defer to external stimuli. The chaos and damage they create is the natural consequence of the Narcissist’s disordered and out-of-control lifestyle and need to constantly seek out newer supply so their world really lacks any normal consistency and stability. It has to be AMAZING so that the Narcissist constantly feels special, meaningful and…

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