Will I ever be happy I married him??

How To Not Hate My Husband


I see all my wonderful couples on FB and yes I know some of them are not cheating on their spouse or otherwise..

And I think the days are gone where I wanted to smash my computer screen..

Yes, I know they have problems but none that they are not trying to work through.

I so wanted to yesterday FB T and tell her what kind of liar Kendra and her sad self is. Kendra seems to have buddied up to another couple. The same couple that was at the party that left early before Charles touched her ass and everything went upside down for 2 years for me and then more damage after..

But I reasoned why? Because I would want to know. I never take back the day Kendra or Chris told me whatever news they had.

I will always want to know. I don’t care who…

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