Be thankful for the affair? Uhh… a big fuck you to that thank you very much..

How To Not Hate My Husband

Okay but that is what I’m seeing

that there is a philosophy out there like that woman who says “Her husband’s affair is the best thing that ever happened to her”

Yeah I’m about as jovial about my husband’s affair and that wretched bitch who he spanked around in parking lots, my own bed.. not mine anymore, and on the sides of roads..

But does that hinder my healing? or show that I cannot move on?

Does not being grateful for a fucking knife in my back make me a jack-ass who cannot recover?

Now here’s my progress how I see it

My husband was deceptive as fuck.

My 14 yr. relationship got buried and I have no clue what the resurrection of another marriage is looking like but I know i’m surviving this shit storm like a Boss.. okay more like a temp who bows out.. but today it’s…

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